Decision making. For some of us, it comes easy. For others, meh… not so much. Some people, like my dad develop a process, like a plus/minus decision making scale. Others, waffle in the in-between. A place were indecision, self-doubt, and confusion become all consuming. Even paralyzing.

Have you ever heard the expression, “analysis – paralysis”?

Come on, you the type. The worry warts. The over thinkers. The folks who examine every possible outcome in hopes of never making a wrong move. Ever. The folks who take things way too seriously. Those people who act as if their life decisions have dire life altering consequences.

Confession: I am one of those people.

An over thinker, a doer-planner, who likes to pretend I glide through decision making processes with grace and ease. Only, I’ve been kidding myself. The bigger the decision, or better said, the bigger the impact of a decision, the more I waffle in the in-between place of fear.

That place that screams, “Please, don’t let me do something stupid!” I just don’t want to make a wrong move.

You know what? It’s exhausting. To get all worked up in indecision, hoping that my one move will be the right one. It’s also not necessary.

News flash: there is no wrong move.

Right and wrong in decision making is a dirty little trap that is nothing more than an energy drain.

What if, whatever decision I make is okay?

What if, it’s not about right and wrong, but rather choices, and each choice will have its perfectly intended outcome? No right and wrong; only different outcomes. Which means, even if I spend money on not the best buy, or an investment doesn’t make an immediate return, that’s okay.

What if, I over commit myself, by signing up for a 140.6 mile race while trying to publish a book, and then adopt a puppy, while also balancing being a committed, loving girlfriend, during the busiest / highest work stakes I’ve ever had to navigated? That’s okay too.

If it’s not the right job, or it’s not the right time. It’s all okay.

Rather than beat yourself up, like I know I have and do all too often, it’s time to stop. Time to know that whatever IT IS right now for you, is exactly how it is supposed to be.

Know, you always have a choice.

What if, instead of being weighed down by decisions, we could step into a stronger decision making process. One empowered by choices?

Ah, “choice.” I Iike that word: choice. Choice is clean. And freeing. Choice comes from the heart, or maybe the gut. Likely a combination of both.

Wherever choice stems from for you, choice is intrinsic in honoring ourselves.

If you look up the word decision in a dictionary you find: decision means, to come to a resolution based on something else. Decisions come with attachments, like considerations and rationalizes, or judgments. No wonder decision making can leave me feeling weighted down.

Next time you’re caught with one heck of a decision… Do your research, check your facts, get present to what the possible outcomes will feel like, and weigh if you are okay with the consequences. Check whatever boxes you need to get check, but never forgot that you can make a decision, or you can always make a choice.  (I vote: choose.)

Close  your eyes, start with your heart, and choose.