No Wrong Path

My First Memoir

My Body, My Rules

Finding Myself behind the Closed Doors of America’s Greatest Strip Clubs

My Body My Rules is a gritty and honest portrayal of my journey through the world of Adult Entertainment—two years of my life in which I went from an eighteen-year-old zoology major at North Carolina State University to a Feature Entertainer to finally, a business woman.

All I ever wanted in life was close friends and a place to belong, but just as my parents sold our family home and I began failing classes, my worst fear came true: I lost my academic scholarship.

Drinking with my Zoology teacher landed me on stage at biker-bar-strip-club and I believed I’d found answers to all my problems: an endless supply of cold hard cash and a community of misfits who accept me like family.

I ditched college to follow North America’s most published centerfold on tour and began building my adult career. During my transition from exotic, house-dancer to headlining Feature Entertainer, I visited the depths of the Amazon Rain Forest, competed in the Miss Nude Florida pageant, and crossed paths with famed mob boss Jack Galardi.

Unlike stripper books that chronicle the extremes of exotic dancing—women wrought with depression, or those detailing stripper antics from a distance—My Body My Rules is about my sexual awakening and unorthodox career path.

Life on the Adult Circuit is often a way-one ticket to nowhere, or worse, a place where girls end up behind bars, and in body bags. Join me after dark as I take center stage and the DJ’s voice echoes: “Cocktails on the table and hands together for Jaime Lynne.”

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